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Sacred Green Earth News
Happy New Year 2012
Brain power Dear AANB,

You are given the gifts of the gods;
  you create your reality
  according to your beliefs.

Yours is the creative energy
  that makes your world.

There are no limitations
  to the self
  except those you believe in....
                                                 Jane Roberts
                                               The Nature of Personal Reality

Welsh Family Painting  

Historic Restoration 


Mark Welsh 
856 753-7500




You may have noticed that "Sacred Green Earth" is sporting a BRAND new coat of paint.....and boy does she look gorgeous!!!

  Many thanks to Mark Welsh and his team of painters for their excellent workmanship.


New Paint






Our Photography Experience



We had such a wonderful experience at our recent photo shoot, and wanted to share that with our Sacred Green Earth family and friends.  If anyone is in need of photography we highly recommend Michael and Camille at Michael Ali Photography.


They guided and encouraged

us through the process so that we could be relaxed and comfortable.  We actually had fun!!


Michael Ali Photography...

Studio MAP is an unparalleled professional photography and multimedia team.  In addition to the most sophisticated tools and skills in photography and digital imagery, all services come with artistic creative direction.  Studio MAP also brings decades of experience in business, online marketing, fashion, entertainment and special family events, so no matter what your need, your expectations will be surpassed.  Each client is as unique as each picture taken, so pricing is always flexible, convenient & affordable.  Members of PPA and NAPP.

Annemarie & Ackbar





























Drum circle

Psychic Fair Saturday, January 7th
12:00 to 5:00

Once again we will be having our monthly psychic fair on the first Saturday of January.   We'd like to welcome David Aaronson  as a new addition to our family of readers.

David:  David Aronson has been reading tarot for over 20 years, and reading professionally for ten.  His readings are intuitive and psychological; designed to answer your questions and give you missing information.  And yes, he also makes future predictions with a fairly high accuracy level.  He doesn't put time limits on his readings because he wants you to get everything you need from the reading.  David sees clients privately at his home office, and reads at various events in the Philadelphia area.
David is also a professional astrologer, integrated energy therapy master-instructor, and a certified hypnotherapist

Ackbar:  Aura Photos with Interpretation and Lifestream Readings.  Ackbar has 21 years of experience and has clientele all over the U.S as well as overseas.  


Annemarie:  Numerology and Animal Totem Readings. I am an intuitive, clairsentient and empathic.


Pam:  I am a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient psychic. I've been giving readings professionally since 2001.  My abilities have been part of me since I was a little girl. I will channel messages for you from the spirit guides around you.  Come see me for a reading at Sacred Green Earth. 


Michael:  Fine Astral Oil Portrait Artist, Psychic consultant, Astrology and Art classes by appointment.





chakras in lotus
Musical Meditation With Sean
Friday, January 6th, 7 pm


Don't miss Sean and his soothing music with guided meditation and visualization.  


Once again Sean will transport us to a peaceful and restorative place where emptying the mind of daily stresses allows the space for new inspiration and transformation. 


Peaceful and relaxing guided imagery will transport you to deeper inner dimensions of self and connectedness to spirit.    



Donations $ 5.00 




On Going Events at the Shop



Every Tuesday 7-9        

Sacred "Green" Earth   

 511 White Horse Pike   

 Oaklyn, NJ 08107     


Discussion and Meditation to discover who you are.  We will use Breathing, Observation, Visualization, Meditation and Self- Introspection.  With practice you can expect to relieve tension in the physical body, feel good about yourself, and generate self- healing. 

    Questions call Frank Rush  at 856 786-2291    Offered as a service to all  Donations to cover rental of space





Jan.25th     Feb. 22nd   March 28th

7-9 pm 

  Contact Pauline 856-520-1799    Reiki is the Japanese word meaning    Universal  Life Energy    

Join Reiki practitioners in the traditional Usui method of natural healing.  Reiki reduces stress, increases relaxation, accelerates the healing process and balances energy centers.  This enhances physical, mental and emotional health and well being.    Suggested donation $10.00



 Jan. 11th    Feb 8th    March 14th

7-9 pm

Come out to experience a meditation and send Reiki Healing Energy globally and to those in need.  Bring pictures, crystals, and an open mind.




 Every Thursday 7-9pm, Sacred Green Earth Presents:


Our purpose is to provide a safe place for sharing personal experiences & unique and special times in your life.  Often these may be awkward topics, unusual encounters or other phenomenon that may feel uncomfortable. 


This is a supportive circle of people who will listen, honor and respect one another.  When most of the world is struggling with the daily grind and are unaware of the possibilities; this group allows each individual to be treated as a sovereign being. 


Finally, our discussions center on heart felt expressions NOT intellectual banter.  We are not here to save anyone or tell anyone how to find salvation. 


Questions???  Call 856 854-7700    





" NEW  for 2012 "       
On Friday January 13th


Second Friday Drum Circle 7 pm
$10.00 Donation 
If you would like to join us, please bring an instrument.  Percussion instruments will be available.  
For more information call Steve D'Aprile at
856 547-5184   





Ackbar and Annemarie
Sacred Green Earth
511 White Horse Pike
Oaklyn NJ 08107

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