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About Annemarie

I worked as a professional chef in restaurants and catering for fifteen years during which time a deep love of creating recipes and culinary artistry was developed. Parallel interests in holistic and healthy lifestyle practices, and the connection it has to a balanced body, mind, and spirit lead me to work in a natural foods market. It was there that I began my education on clean, wholesome food, water, and body care products. I also learned about sustainable agriculture, fair trade and the environmental and societal impact of the toxins and chemicals so commonly used in our world today.

This new knowledge sparked a desire in me to find a way to incorporate these ideas into something real and tangible. My passion for creating recipes and beautiful food displays soon took a turn toward soap making. I began to study aromatherapy and essential oils along with other herbal applications. This new direction seemed to flow naturally into creating other body care products such as oils and bath salts, and healthy alternative products like soy candles.

As the list of soaps and other items grew, “Annemarie’s All Natural Botanicals” was born. I put my heart and soul, love and light into everything I make. It is my sincere hope that my creations benefit and enrich the lives of all who use them, and in some small way, help to make the world a better place.

In 1986 I began to study numerology and to investigate indigenous cultures.  I soon realized that for people who are connected to the land, “mother earth”, spirituality, art and life style are all intertwined. Their daily activities incorporate  the gratitude for, and stewardship of planet earth. This way of living felt very familiar and comfortable to me and understanding that awakened within me a new level of consciousness and awareness that has been growing and evolving ever since.

Numerology has helped me to know myself better and better, and soon I began to meditate and to learn about many other metaphysical and esoteric topics.  My focus in life became personal evolution, or as Neale Donald Walsch states so perfectly in” Conversation With God”, “to become the grandest version, of the greatest vision ever I could have for myself”.
 My intuitive ability and connection to Divine inspiration has steadily increased over the years, and so I now do readings for others. I am truly grateful to be blessed with the gifts that Creator has given me, and I choose to give back in every way possible…. and so it is.

- Annemarie

"All the beauties in nature testify to the basic presence of the Divine in all things." 
Sathya Sai Baba -- 11/23/93

About Ackbar

Ackbar was born Bruce Kostelecky in Tacoma, Washington. 17 years ago, Bruce began his transformation into Ackbar, a journey that still continues. He has become a Galactic Channel, Psychic Reader and World Teacher.

Ackbar went on to open 6 more Metaphysical Stores across the United States in addition to promoting New Age Expos, and owning and operating a weekly 2 hour radio program.

Now living in Oaklyn, NJ   Ackbar has opening his 7th Light Center.  At 61, his only purpose is to co-create community with everyone, to support that Divine Blueprint in everyone as the awakening continues and Just DO that next thing.

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